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What We Offer

RenterText simply increases your cash flow and property Valuation

How We Do It

We actively market your vacancies on 35+ websites

Save Time & Money

We pre-qualify tenants
Fill vacancies quicker

Calls Answered 24/7

Equipped for high call volume
No more undesirable calls

Nationwide Coverage

We refer prequalified
tenants coast-to-coast

Risk Free

No contract - Cancel anytime
No minimum term

Property Portal

Daily reports at your fingertips
Add, edit & review your vacancies

Flat Monthly Fee

Unlimited vacancies
Unlimited referrals

Simple Sign Up

Less than 5 minutes
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DO I NEED RenterText?

1. Are your properties at 100% occupancy?
2. Do you maintain a waiting list at all times?

If you answered no to these 2 questions above, then you need RenterText!

But, what can RenterText do for you?

1. We send 25-100 pre-qualified tenants or buyers to each of your locations monthly.
2. We send pre-qualified tenants to you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
3. We notify you and your team members by text message of all the pre-qualified tenant inquiries.
4. We have professional ad writers on staff updating and changing your advertising systematically to keep you on the front page of internet advertising all of the time.
5. We are an invaluable add on to any current marketing or advertising strategy you have in effect now. You make no changes to your current efforts.


How can you get listed with RenterText NOW? Call us at 800-516-2406.

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Some Facts

RenterText is the industry leader in providing prequalified potential tenants.

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in the US
Apartment Complexes
in the US
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Per property / Per month pricing

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  • 10+ properties

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Call our friendly customer support between 9-5 EST at (800) 516-2406 to learn more!

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What does RenterText do?

We fill your vacancies by transferring pre-qualified potential tenants directly to you. And we do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can RenterText help setup my properties?

Absolutely! Call our friendly customer support staff (9-5 EST) at 800-516-2406.

How do I list my property?

Your time is valuable, so we’ve streamlined this process down to about 5 minutes. Simply input basic property and billing information, list your vacancies, and upload photos. That’s it! Super quick & easy!

What if I don't have any photos?

Photos create more responses. We suggest you get started today and add photos as they become available.

What are my payment options?

We can process bank account drafts as well as accept all major credit cards.

How do I list my vacancies?

Your property dashboard is created when you list your property and can be accessed by clicking the "Login" button. You can list, edit and view your vacancies, upload photos, and view your monthly referral reports.